What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone (HGH) is a peptide hormone that stimulates development and cell reproduction and regeneration. HGH is produced by the somatotrophic cells of the pituitary gland and plays a very important role in the body. It is classified as a mitogen, a substance that stimulates cell mitosis. It is also known as somatotropin (STH), even though the somatotropin is the international most common denomination of the pharmacological name of the hormone. Somatotropin is obtained for a genetic recombinant process, thats why you can find it in scientific texts as recombinant human Growth Hormone (RHGH). Many people on the Internet get confused about the somatotrophin, referred to as growth hormone, with chorionic somatotrophin (CHT), a hormone produced by the placenta in pregnancy.

HPL and growth hormone have a similar structure and similar effects. The action of the HPL is weaker, but it can ensure fetal nutrition even in conditions of maternal malnutrition. PLH, together with HGH and prolactin, form a group of lactogenic and growth promoting hormones encoded in related genes. Growth hormone has a predominantly anabolic effect on tissues. HGH stimulates the biosynthesis and development of cell components, and to accomplish its action, the HGH is attached to specific receptors on the surface of the cells. There is no doubt that the most wellknown function of HGH is to increase height during childhood and adolescence. Other effects of growth hormone on the body are: stimulates liver gluconeogenesis, stimulates protein synthesis and increases mental and emotional health.

The levels of growth hormone in people, both in excess and deficiency, are significant. Persistent HGH excess produces acromegaly in adults and gigantism in infants from excessive bone growth, particularly in the jaws, hands and feet. It is often associated with pressure on nerves, muscle weakness, and insulin resistance. The impact of growth hormone deficiency is very variable at different ages. In children the main effect is a delay in growth and in development of sexual functions. In adults, HGH deficiency increases osteoclast disease activity and bone resorption. In conclusion, we can see that it´s important to keep the levels of the hormone under control by an expert in the field to avoid the risks mentioned above.

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