HGH in kids…is it dangerous?

Growth hormone regulates the growth of bones, muscles, and organs. It is produced in a part of the brain called the pituitary gland. From there it is released into the bloodstream. Thanks to medical advancement, growth hormone is now available as a medication. At first it was extracted from human bodies. But since 1985 the biosynthetic hormone has been used. It is manufactured in laboratories. We can think that if there is growth hormone to be given to children who are short, then they should all be tall, right? Well, that´s not the case at all. This hormone is only effective in children who have a growth hormone deficit. Those who are short but have a normal amount of hormone, will grow practically nothing else if HGH is given to them.

This is why we can only give growth hormone to children who have a classic HGH deficit or a defect in its production. It has been seen that other children with very specific pathologies also benefit from it. In these children we can try to treat them. The diseases which can be treated are:

• Turner syndrome
• Pubertal chronic kidney failure
• Prader Willi Syndrome
• Patients with SHOX gene alteration

This hormone is given in subcutaneous injections daily. It´s best taken in the afternoon or evening. It is injected into the fatty tissue, just under the skin. The patient or his family does it at home after a short training. It should be kept in the refrigerator because it is very affected by heat. The dose depends on the pathology and is adjusted according to the patient´s weight and height.

So, we come to the end of this article where we have discovered some of the properties and scope of HGH in children, demystifying false beliefs about its use. We are interested to know in your comments what you think about giving HGH to children for endocrinological treatments. In case someone has already done so, tell us about your experiences. If you would like to know everything to stay young and surprisingly healthy, subscribe to the blog, share and be back later!

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