What is Injectable HGH?

Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in our brain. HGH enhances tissue growth by stimulating protein formation. A recombinant (genetically made) HGH, called Serostim, has been approved by FDA as a treatment for AIDS wasting syndrome.

HGH is Human Growth Hormone, a natural hormone produced in our pituitary gland of our brain. This HGH is considered the key hormone because it controls so many functions. It is responsible for youth, vitality, energy and all of the health benefits we associate with youth.

Human Growth Hormone reduces the fat of your body. The men did not alter their personal habits of eating, smoking, or exercise, yet by using Injectable HGH, they lost an average of 14% of their body fat, while gaining an average of 8.8% lean muscle mass.

Their skin became firmer and they experienced a localized increase in bone density. Over all, Human Growth Hormone appeared to reverse the effects of aging by 10-20 years!!! HGH is prescribed and administered by a doctor in the form of injections.

This hormone promotes growth in children and plays an important role in adult metabolism. The body secretes the hormone, in decreasing amounts, throughout our lifetimes. The amount of hormone in the body can be measured by levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor). Growth Hormone has a profound effect on all the cells of the body, more than any other hormone because it is the cell generator.


Human Growth Hormone is the master hormone controlling many organs and body functions and is directly responsible for stimulating tissue repair, cell replacement, brain functions, and enzyme function! It is human growth hormone that grows the cells, bones, muscles, and organs, and it is the decreasing level of human growth hormone after age 30 that slowly robs us of our vitality.


How is HGH created for me?

Recombinant Growth Hormone is HGH that is synthesized in the lab. It is a biosynthetic hormone that is identical to human growth hormone, but it is created in the lab. Creating recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) required scientists to accurately duplicate this complex 191 amino acid hormone. Scientists from the major drug companies raced to produce the 191 amino acid HGH in a test tube.

HGH and glucose

Human Growth Hormone regulates the substrate metabolism, through the tissues (mainly the liver, but also the muscles, the fat and the pancreas), which end up converting it into IGF-1. Today we will discuss the long-term effects of Human Growth Hormone on insulin resistance, as well as hyperglycemia. In general, insulin and growth hormone behave in opposite ways, meaning that when the levels of one are high, the other will be low. But that doesn't mean they're any different from each other. They're both responsible for growth and need to work together. In fact, if we want to find the best way to make insulin deliver nutrients to the cells and produce neurological and skeletal growth, the answer is by using HGH.

Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) is a hormone that still has the same properties and effects as insulin in the body, but is produced in the opposite way. While insulin is secreted by the pancreas in response to high glucose levels, IGF-1 is secreted by the liver in response to low sugar levels. In addition, a variant of IGF-1, known as mechanic growth factor (MGF), is secreted by the liver in response to intense exercise, such as heavy training. FGM acts on the muscle tissues at the top of the skeleton, causing the myofibril to grow, producing stronger and harder muscles.

Now that we have seen the basic relationship between insulin and Human Growth Hormone, we can start talking about their impact on health. When our glucose levels are low, taking HGH restores the ideal sugar levels in our body. When glucose is high and we need the insulin to work, taking HGH makes the effects of the insulin stronger and restores the sugar in our body faster. First, we have to understand that it's not as simple as taking a treatment and that's it. Rather, we must create a strategy that involves healthier foods and physical activity that helps our bodies by realigning the endocrine system.

To start with our strategy, an excellent idea is to change breakfast for an exercise routine. This stimulates cortisol production, helps control our blood pressure and, as a chain reaction, we allow our body to regulate our glucose levels on its own. During the rest of the day, it is best to consume low protein, to remove the fat from our body. While at night, we should increase our intake of healthy glucose, with bananas, rice, etc. By following these recommendations, we will make the fat cells indicate that they are full, the secretion of leptin will peak, the pituitary gland will release serotonin and we will fall asleep happy and fulfilled, helping our body to produce more natural Human Growth Hormone.

So, we come to the end of this article where we discover the similarities between insulin and IGF-1, how each is produced, and how the proper use of Human Growth Hormone helps maintain optimal glucose levels in the body, with the need to complement treatment with the adoption of healthy habits. We are interested to know in your comments if you already knew the properties of HGH as a complement of insulin in the body, which we have described in this post. Send us all your doubts. If you would like to know everything to stay young and surprisingly healthy, check our blog, share our articles and be back later!

Human Growth Hormone and Glucose

Is Human Growth Hormone used for anti-aging?

For some time, it has been argued that Human Growth Hormone is one of the best treatments available in the market to treat aging, to be able to affirm it, it is necessary to have real and convincing data, which is precisely what we will try to achieve with this post. Let us start from the point where HGH is recommended, in respect of adults, for those who are deficient in this hormone. Most causes of growth hormone deficiency are due to brain tumors, operations, or radiation therapy.

The use of HGH for healthy older adults is not counterproductive, but its effects would be reduced. Human Growth Hormone is known to maximize muscle density and reduce body fat in older, but fit, adults. However, increasing muscle does not mean that strength will increase.

Adults who don't make enough HGH can buy Human Growth Hormone or get an injection from a doctor to increase their exercise capacity, increase their bone mass and minimize their body fat. In addition, adults with AIDS or HIV may benefit from HGH because of growth-related problems that interfere with the regular distribution of body fat. Another positive effect that can be obtained with the use of the hormone is that it helps to potentiate the results of physical training, digestion and the production of testosterone, which means a slender body, full of energy and with better performance. All of those effects have an impact on the appearance of patients who take HGH because by increasing the body's vigor, energy and restoring skin elasticity, they will automatically look younger and more revitalized.

Several countries have allowed the use of Human Growth Hormone, but only in managing the hormone shortage. Also, they have allowed it in the treatment of HIV-related problems. For the effectiveness of the drug, an injection is recommended. However, numerous dietary supplements claim to increase HGH levels in pill form. Please, we strongly recommend that you do not misuse any medications, especially those not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Contact our specialists for professional advice on the use of HGH in muscle growth, or as an anti-aging boost. Before you buy HGH, take time to understand its benefits, as well as the risks. A good supplier will always be available to guide you on the best way to go about it. However, make healthy lifestyle choices, such as participating in physical activity and eating well to stay in shape. This will help you feel better as you get older.

Human Growth Hormone and antiaging

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